Henry, a college student, has been bitten by a werewolf. Now both he and his friend Patrick have to come up to it. It's a hand-drawn, greyscale strip using the ideas that don't fit the universe of Werewolf Richard. Again the take on the theme isn't according to the usual patterns.

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It has happened

28 03 2009 00:39

This site has been mirrorized.


14 03 2009 00:33

Prepare yourself, as I will officially start my new site at www.qtw.cz (specifically the URL for this this comic http://www.qtw.cz/coms/index.php?lang=en&tpl=view&kom=hp ) untill the end of april.
What does it mean for this site?
1. I will add ads. They should be here, I just have a very active Adblock plus with the element hiding helper, so I didn't notice I'm missing them.
2. I'll disable guest posting, so you will be able to leave comments only as a registered member. I also won't check the comments here that often, unlike those on the new site.
3. This site will be labelled "mirror", so it's going to be just a back-up if something happens to the main one.
4. The updates will be coming a day later than on the main site :)

Please, do help me with the testing, and report any bugs while they are easy to remove!


16 11 2008 05:37

See my main page for details:

The start

05 09 2008 22:41

Today I offically start the comic Henry and Patrick on this space too, because I feel it has enough pages as well as a good potential (more ideas). The updates, as you can read, are in the weekend, irregular, but I'll try to make it atleast 2 stips per month.

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